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AB-626: The Homemade Food Act

AB-626 was signed into law by California Governor Brown on Sept 18, 2018, and went into effect on  January 1, 2019. The legislation allows independent cooks to start small cooking operations from their home kitchens, in a licensed and permitted way.

While this is legal at the state level, each county’s Board of Supervisors must opt-in to the law before offering home restaurants (formally known as Microenterprise Home Kitchens Operations, or MEHKO) the necessary health permits to operate legally.

Riverside was the first county that opted in to the law. With a 100% safety track record, Riverside’s early adoption of AB-626 has helped many independent cooks make sustainable income while offering their community access to diverse and healthy food options. Now more than ever do we need access to economic opportunities, especially in the food industry where an estimated 8 million employees have been laid off.

Pictured above: Moni, a permitted Home Cook in Riverside, at his grand opening with neighbors & friends.

A Gateway to the Food Economy

It costs an average of $250,000 to open a restaurant in California. This huge financial barrier has prevented thousands of talented cooks from becoming food business owners. As a result, many neighborhoods lack access to economic opportunities and affordable, healthy food.

How much does it cost to permit your home restaurant? Less than $1,000!

Pictured above: Denise, a permitted Home Cook in Moreno Valley, greeting a regular customer into her home.

Foodnome is the first legal marketplace for home cooked food in the US. We have advocated and organized for years to create a more equitable, inclusive, and human-centered food economy. Join us as we work to empower food entrepreneurship, build community, and redefine our relationship to our food!

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